Accident Reconstruction

Injury Causation Analysis

Depending on the circumstances, Dr. Strauss will examine equipment CAD drawings as well as X-ray and MRI images. He will measure vehicle wheelbase and tibia bone length. He will calculate stopping distance of a vehicle, reach of a backhoe, or running speed of person.

Human Factors

Human factors is how we perceive and interact with our environment. Understanding human factors can play a key role in weaving together a complete accident reconstruction by providing vital information linking complex events.

Road Accidents

Dr. Strauss has over twenty years of experience and research in investigating injuries and deaths involving tractor-trailers, straight trucks, city and school buses, motorcycles, cars, bicycles the elderly and young pedestrians.

Construction and Industrial Accidents

When necessary Dr. Strauss will go to the construction site, examine and test the equipment, review the medical records and surgical reports, interview witnesses, analyze OSHA photographs and perform a re-enactment to better understand the causes and to provide data and photographs to explain and teach how things went wrong.

Railroad and Train Accidents

Reconstructing accidents involving trains are more complex than most other types of accidents because of the potentially vast amount of data that could be available, and the ability and experience to analyze it.

Pedestrian, Bicycle, ATV Accident Reconstruction

Impact Injury Analysis is focused on understanding how people become injured in a variety of environments, while performing a wide range of activities including, driving, work, recreation, and education.

Scientific Testing and Re-enactment

Years of experience in conducting scientific tests and re-enactments is just another potent tool that Dr. Strauss possesses to aid in his accident reconstruction and injury causation analysis.

Accident and Injury Reconstruction Support Services

To fully evaluate and support a case, adjusters and litigators must understand areas of information that is not in their expertise. Using his knowledge of accidents and injuries, equipment and vehicles, Dr. Strauss can shorten the learning curve. We can be your technical support, getting you up to speed fast in a technical area in which you are not familiar.