Dr. Mark Strauss solves complex injury analysis problems

Listen. Analyze. Tell the Story.

At Impact Injury Analysis, LLC, Dr. Strauss performs injury causation analysis, and reconstructs accidents that have occurred throughout the country. He is called upon to solve complex and multi-disciplinary problems involving equipment or vehicles, in varied environments, involving persons whom have been injured or lost their life. The challenge of solving problems has always been a driving force for Dr. Strauss. He has used that enthusiasm in his own research, in teaching thousands of his students how to problem solve, and applying these skills to answer injury related questions. Dr. Strauss collects evidence, analyzes data and provides convincing presentations of his results.

Scaffold Accident
Analysis of complex construction and worksite injuries.

Dr. Strauss possesses a unique combination of education, knowledge and experience which allows him to excel in injury analysis. He understands transportation vehicles and machinery due to his mechanical engineering degree, his teaching of engineering, his practical experiences and commercial driver's license. He understands the human body, human performance, and injuries due to biomedical engineering education, medical coursework, research in hospitals with patients and surgeons, working with people who have been injured, and performing and publishing his own research.

By using his multi-disciplinary knowledge of biomechanics and the human body, human factors, vehicles and equipment, Dr. Strauss provides clarity to complex situations that have resulted in an injury or death. He has provided accident reconstruction, injury causation and human factors analysis to hundreds of clients for the past 23 years, in over 40 states, and he is well acquainted with what is needed to provide a scientific basis for defendable conclusions. His advanced degrees in biomedical engineering, published research, 26 years of experience as an engineering professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign allows him to integrate sparse or conflicting evidence, with the results from his scientifically designed and conducted tests, in order to shed light on the events that precipitated an injury or loss.

Dr. Strauss goes on site and collects data for analysis.

Dr. Strauss is regularly retained to perform injury reconstruction analyses by both sides of the bar, for criminal and workers' compensation matters, for municipalities and manufacturers, in state and federal venues.

In addition to accident reconstruction work, Dr. Strauss performs independent research which he publishes and presents internationally in peer reviewed, scientific forums. He helps maintain scientific integrity by acting as a peer reviewer for several scientific journals and organizations, and federal agencies. He volunteers his time to provide training to high school students on how to be safe in a vehicle and as a pedestrian, and the legal, financial and painful consequences of distraction, carelessness and poor choices in life.