Pedestrian, bicycle, ATV accident reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction and injury analysis involving pedestrians, bicyclists and recreational vehicles.

Trying to occupy the same space at the same time causes injuries.

Impact Injury Analysis is focused on understanding how people become injured in a variety of environments and while performing a wide range of activities including: driving, work, recreation, and education.

Dr. Strauss has investigated and reconstructed many accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclist and motorcyclists that were struck by road vehicles. Sometimes the pedestrians were not where they were supposed to be; sometimes the vehicles were not sharing the road properly, and sometimes it was just not clear who was at fault. He has over 20 years of experience analyzing and performing accident reconstructions involving pedestrians being stuck by trains, cars, buses, concrete mixers, and tractor-trailers; being projected or run-over; during the day or at night; in the rain or in the snow; on residential, rural or metropolitan roads and intersections.

bus driver with camera on head for pedestrian accident reconstruction
A bus driver has a camera on his head in order to document his line-of-site to a pedestrian that was struck by the front left corner of the bus.
A person poses as the pedestrian outside of the bus for an accident reconstruction. This person was placed at the spot of impact to display whether or not the person was within the line-of-sight of the bus driver.

Recreation and ATV accident reconstruction has also been performed by Dr. Strauss when there have been roll-overs causing ejection, injury or death. One scenarios was when a golf cart struck a golfer, breaking his leg, while another case involved a FELA related injury when an ATV struck an object and ejected the occupant. Sometimes lighting and conspicuity is an issue that Dr. Strauss can measure and evaluate. Sometime vehicle speed and maneuverability needs to be tested. Examining torn clothing, blood spatter and road debris may also provide information for the accident reconstruction and injury analysis.

Each case is unique, the situations can vary greatly, but the common denominator for Dr. Strauss is that a person was injured and someone has called on him to perform the careful investigation, testing and analysis necessary to collect the information and evidence in order to determine the events that led up to the injury, and tell the story of how it occurred.