Construction and Industrial

People, heavy equipment and gravity sometimes combine to cause serious injury.

Construction accident reconstruction.

Bulldozer alarm testing.

Impact Injury Analysis investigates and reconstructs accidents that occur at construction sites, indoors or outdoors. Being a construction worker is a dangerous occupation, especially if safety rules are not followed, the weather is at extremes, the lighting is poor, the environment is loud, the ground is slippery or the vision is obstructed.

construction worker and lift truck
Lift truck kinematics and human factors analysis

Construction workers operate and interact with heavy equipment such as bulldozers, back hoes, concrete mixers, any of which can cause injury to the operator, nearby co-workers or the general public if the proper precautions are not followed. If a back hoe operator fails to look before swinging the bucket, he may cause a head injury to a co-worker. If the driver of a concrete mixer takes a turn to fast, he may roll the truck over or strike a bicyclist that was in his blind spot. Scissor lifts fall over, workers fall off of scaffolds or through roof openings, dump trucks roll off a cliff, or a silo take-down goes bad causing a pipe to go through a crane operator's head.

All of these scenarios are cases that Dr. Strauss has analyzed in the past. When necessary he will go to the construction site, examine and test the equipment, review the medical records and surgical reports, interview witnesses, analyze OSHA photographs and perform a re-enactment to better understand the causes, and to provide data and photographs to explain and teach how things went wrong. He uses his knowledge of equipment, physics, anatomy, injury and human factors to determine how the accident and injury occurred, and how it could have been prevented.