Accident reconstruction consulting expert

Evaluate and Support

To fully evaluate and support a case, adjusters and litigators must understand areas of information that are not in their expertise. Using his knowledge of accidents and injuries, equipment and vehicles, Dr. Strauss can shorten the learning curve. We can be your technical support, getting you up to speed fast in a technical area in which you are not familiar. Dr. Strauss has spent years processing and condensing large and complex cases, and synthesizing it to a level that is understandable to attorneys and the trier of fact. Being a professor for many years, he has the patience and skill to teach.

At the outset, we can provide an initial case overview regarding the validity of an injury claim.

Interpretation of graphical or tabular data

Due to the quantitative and scientific level of analysis that Dr. Strauss can offer, he acts as a consultant, reviewing reports, calculations, animations and testing of opposing medical and reconstruction experts, and his client's own experts, to determine the merits, shortcomings, and errors.

Knowing the right question, and follow-up questions to ask is critical. Technical questions for discovery or during trial can be provided.

Dr. Strauss can attend opposing expert depositions in person, or by speaker-phone and provide questions to ask at the deposition using computer networking.

brake air chamber
Cut away of a truck air-brake chamber

The analysis and enhancement of video, photographs, audio or data can be provided.

Dr. Strauss is an accomplished scientist who knows how to correctly set up experiments to produce valid data. He can perform testing for your case or review the testing protocol and results already a part of evidence.

Reviewing the medical and biomechanical literature is something that Dr. Strauss has performed for more than 30 years. The resulting journal articles can assist you, or your medical experts.