Injury Causation Analysis

Impact Injury Analysis seeks to understand human injuries and the environment to determine if and how an injury occurred.

Vehicle and Train Collisions

We analyze and reconstruct how people are injured in road vehicles, construction and recreation vehicles, trains, planes, buses and barges.

Industrial, Construction, Warehouse Injury

We listen, analyze and tell the story about injuries that occur in power plants, steel mills, commercial and residential buildings.

Analyzing accidents and injuries to determine how and why they occurred

Impact Injury Analysis specializes in answering the questions of what were the events that led up to an accident causing an injury or death, and if and how it could have been avoided. The environment in which the injury occurred varies, but the common element of our work is the person. We research roadway injuries caused by trucks, at night, striking pedestrians. We investigate industrial accidents that occur in factories and construction accidents caused by heavy equipment. Children and the elderly, at work, at school, or at home have all been the focus of our investigations in the past.

Our analysis may include the integration of information from the review of medical and surgical records, equipment and vehicle specifications, documents in evidence, inspection of the accident site, interviews, on-site testing, measurements, calculations and advanced analysis of photographs and video recordings.

Municipalities, insurance carriers, the injured, and attorneys across the country have turned to us to analyze complex accidents that occurred on barges and airports, involving buses, trains, scaffolds and earth moving equipment. Because of our higher education, training, knowledge and years of experience, we have the ability to provide an advanced level of investigation and technical analysis. Dr. Strauss has been an engineering professor, performing teaching and research for more than 28 years; he knows how to process complex data, refine it to manageable quantities and teach the story to those that need to understand it. He has 20 years of forensic experience, writing clear reports, creating compelling exhibits and teaching the trier of fact.

Every case accepted by Impact Injury Analysis is approached in an objective manner, and considered very important. Frequent communication and exchange with the client is critical to completely fulfill the mission of determining what caused the injury or death.